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Customized recruitment

Enjoy RH defines with you a tailor-made profile for a job creation or replacement. We may have already met your future collaborator.
Enjoy RH accompagne

Support in the HR strategy

Enjoy RH supports you in assessment, coaching, professional training and other everyday topics to help you move forward and build your HR strategy with you.
Enjoy RH création

Toolbox creation

Enjoy RH becomes your partner to build the essential tools for the management of your talents and potentials: annual interview materials, economic and social database, social report, HR process, ...
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Customers talk about us

Isabelle S.
Expertise and audit firm
The team is very helpful and very attentive: it is a pleasure to work with Enjoy RH. So far, our relationship has been extremely beneficial to our firm.
Aminata K
Family support structure
Our interlocutor seized the profile and needs of our organization as soon as we met. In the exchanges we had, she was able to resume our offer to make it more relevant. We were looking for a contributor to the accounting department: she offered us 2 candidates including the ideal person for our structure. This has been a significant time saver. We are very happy with the support work that has been done by Enjoy RH.
Erwan S.
Association in the medico-social field
We discovered Enjoy RH as part of the public accounting missions we have with SOFIDEEC Baker Tilly. We had a problem of reorganization and modernization of the headquarters, and in particular the financial service, problematic that Yasmine Askri understood very quickly. We started on a mission of recruitment of a position of Deputy General Manager, then we agreed on a more global mission: an audit mission HR of the seat of our structure. This is something very positive, we are very happy with the way Yasmine addressed this. I appreciated how the interviews were conducted: Yasmine manages to know what she needs, always in a very sweet and cordial way. I appreciate the fact that she says things, but also her dynamism and enthusiasm to implement what has been defined. She is a very very good support and a very valuable external look.

Enjoy RH and you !

Because in the image of our Group, we are UNC!


U like Useful :

to be useful is to satisfy a need or a desire.
Useful in the broad sense of the community and more specifically to our candidates, customers, partners.


N as Near :

To be close to our candidates, our clients, to better build with them their professional projects, in the short, medium or long term.


C as Commited:

To be Committed is never to be a spectator
To think about our candidates and our clients to help them mature their choices and go after them.